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Thyroid cancer

A place for people affected by thyroid cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Critical Illness Insurance

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Hi, I had insurance with friends life and they paid out. I had half my thyroid removed and had a small cancer in the removed part. It was very easy to claim and took about 4 months to payout. Good luck xx

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I have critical illness insurance with aviva and I have just heard from them they will pay out!!  I have had thyroidectomy and neck dissection. Small cancer in thyroid and bigger one in lymph node. 

I am so so relieved that they are going to pay me as I haven't worked for 4 months and was pretty much destitute. Now this allows me to pay off the bills run up and takevwork a little more easy going into the future. I was surprised they agreed to pay as like most people I expected them to wiggle out of it. 

Thyroid cancer warrior

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I’ve got critical illness insurance with aviva and was diagnosed with papilliary with lymp node spread and aviva paid out on my critical illness in full! I thought the same as barbara initially that you needed to be terminal but that certainly isnt the case. I believe if its spread anywhere they’ll pay out even if that is only into the nodes which is very common. Hope this helps

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Hello, Has anyone got a critical illness policy with Scottish Widows & did they pay out for thyroid cancer?  what happens to your life insurance policy? so many questions.  only diagnosed in Nov and had Total Thyroidectomy, which has resulted in left sided vocal cord paralysis 

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Hey TJ, 

Sorry to hear about the problems with your voice. Just wondering, have you been referred to a speech therapist? 

Regarding the insurance, even if it paid out for someone else, it might not pay out for you - and vice versa. They look at all the details of each individual case and make a decision. So one person's experience might not be yours I'm afraid.



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