Indeterminate result


Hi I am just quite worried because I had  a U3 utz report and Thy3f FNA result as well. Is the possibility of my thyroid nodule Being malignant quite higher with those findings?the size of my nodule is 22mm x 10mm x 17mm. There are times that I feel that something is stuck in my throat that sometimes makes me feel sick.  But no unexplained weight loss and voice change. I am now waiting for my schedule for diagnostic hemithyroidectomy. 

Kindly please advice me as well. Thank you so much.



  • Hi there Meri,

    I think the baseline is that Thyroid cancer is very rare. You have had an FNA and the result is THY3F which means that without a hemi, they are not going to know for sure what exactly they are dealing with.  My FNA result was THY3F too and they found cancer after my hemi but my husbands cousin had the same FNA result and after her hemi they found the lump to be benign.  I don't think the size of the lump is relevant really.  I know though that whatever I am telling you here is not going to make a difference to how you are feeling at the moment.  You want clarity so that you know what you are dealing with but without the hemi there won't be any clarity and all I can say to you is try not to worry because Thyroid Cancer is very rare.   

    I am sorry that I can't be of more help but, look at my profile, I was diagnosed in 2018, had my 2 ops and RAI and I am fine in 2020. So even if the worst fears become true, there is light at the end of all this. 

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that you get your appointment and with it, clarity, very quickly.

    All the best. 


  • Hi Swichee,

    Thank you for helping me. Hopefully I get my schedule for hemi already just to have a definitive diagnosis. 

    Hoping for the best as well. I’m glad I can gather as much information and life experiences as I can. Especially for this upcoming procedure. it is my first time undergoing any surgery. 

    thank you so much Swichee!



  • Meri

    I also feel much calmer when I have more knowledge. I had a TT and bilateral neck dissection followed by RAI last year. My operation was bigger than yours will be and I recovered quite quickly, back running within 6 weeks. The first few weeks when I came out of hospital I did take things very easily. I had all my food shopping delivered and did no heavy lifting like hoovering or lifting laundry baskets. I slept most afternoons - which I enjoyed being able to do! 

    Any more questions just ask