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Thyroid cancer

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Emotions finally caught up with me

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So I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer in March this year and had a thyroidectomy and lateral neck dissection in April. While I thought that I was mentally dealing with this (not just the physical side) I returned to work in a reduced sense while I am waiting for RAI. This was mostly due to working towards a qualification for the last year and in a way I wanted to carry on with life as before as a way of distraction for myself.
  Whilst i thought I was fine i had a blip this week that has thrown me off where I was and made me really look at the last 3 months for what it really was and still is....
  I've not really talked much to people about all of this as I'm not really that kind of person. I don't want people to know when I'm struggling as I try hard to look like I am coping (which is something i have always done up to this point). Its really thrown me through the loop with all of this and made me doubt my self but at the same time I'd feel like I'm admitting i can't cope if i push everything back (even with the support of work)
I know by far that its perfectly normal for all this but I'm really at a loss with myself. I don't want to throw it on my parents and feel guilty throwing all this on friends. If anyone has any guidance or any where I can look I would really appreciate it.
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Hi radcat ,I can relate to what your fealing I have always been a very independent person I've never asked enyone for help even when I had three kids under one year's old and was greving the loss of my younger brother never once did admit defeat,me and my husband have never been out together on our own for 14 years because I wouldn't ask for a baby sitter, the point of all this info is that when I Found out I had thiroid cancer I thought I could cope on my own and when family and friends offered to help I refused untill I seen my sister crying she said helping me made her feel better because she loves me so I let her do little things and before I new it I was letting outhers help out here and there ,and you know what life looks a lot brighter and a hell of a lot nicer with friend's and family,all that thay won't to do is help ,so please don't push them away I thought I was being kind but in fact I was doing the opposite, it's ok to admit we need a little support at the end of the day this is not a little thing , god bless.

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We all have the strength in us to fight we just need to find it .
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It’s really hard to ask for help! We are always told to be strong and brave.

I was treated last year having a TT and bilateral central neck dissection followed by RAI. I thought I was doing fine until February this year I had enough courage to go to my local Maggie Centre. When I sat down it was the first time I had cried since I was diagnosed, and I am a very emotional person! It felt so good to talk to someone, and it was much easier as it was a stranger. The Maggie centre was very welcoming and use to people coming in and breaking down!

Be kind to yourself 

Had a few problems with my thyroxine levels in January and February in 2020. I felt exhausted and resting heart rate was down to 44. Contacted my consultant, arranged bloods and my T4 was too low. Medication was changed and felt good since then.
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Good evening 

I know where you are coming from.  I was diagnosed a week before Christmas 19 and surgery Jan 20.  I had been so ill for two years prior.  I decided I needed a break from work to recover both physically and mentally and I'm still off as I had my RAI three weeks ago and still not feeling great.

I feel that others feel that once the thyroid etc is removed we are ok but it's just part of our journey and it's a unique one to say the least.  So much upset is caused inside us and from others onhis chat I understand it can take quite a while to balance hormones.  Which I can vouch for. sorry can't delete the faces bit of an accident.  

My local MacMillan have been great and I am now started their Hope programme.  Take time for yourself please and you have been hit with a tidal wave of physical and emotional changes.  It sucks but its OK to feel that way.  I do at times but we are all here for you and don't be afraid to say how you feel.  Sometimes you just need to say things and not be given an answer back.  

What you have been through is enormous and try to be kind to yourself. Even if it's just a small thing first. 

You are very brave, strong and beautiful. 

Sending you lots of love and hugs 


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Love to everyone
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Hello Radcat,

I am on a similar path to you, diagnosed in February this year, total thyroidectomy and central neck dissection in March, then lockdown with covid-19 and everything changes just when we have experienced major surgery and probably need lots of reassurance from our Doctors and Consultants and it is all done over the phone. In my case I tried to ‘just get on with things’, not to let the cancer define me so its never really talked about.  My family are very supportive but as you say its hard to off-load to them if its not your way. I found walking and cycling helps and then to keep my mind busy I knit so I have to follow the pattern. I  thought I was coping well and being strong but this last week I have been feeling trapped, emotional and am now questioning after too much googling whether I should really have the RAI treatment in two weeks time or is it going to make the next 20 years full of ill health when I want my last 20 years to be fairly fit and healthy. The whole concept of pill taking has been tough, I did not even really take headache pills .

I am wondering if how we are feeling after 3 months is a reaction to having general surgery and the trauma to your body and mental health, not having a check up in person with the consultant and a general feeling of anxiety towards the pandemic which affects us all in one way or another. I think its very positive to focus on getting your qualification as when you look back at this year you will have achieved something. Your parents are there for you no matter what and I am sure they worry about how you are coping(I have adult children) and will happily shoulder some of your concerns- ‘a problem shared is a problem halved‘.

This forum has been very helpful in the last few months to find out and ask for information regarding treatment and feelings and we are here to help one another.

I do hope you feel better soon
best wishes

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Hey there,

I'm very much the same, a get on with things, dont bother anyone else and keep my real emotions to myself but I'm now pretty convinced that this is part of the reason I'm in this position (having to have had major surgery, total thyroidectomy and removal of 30 lymph nodes, post surgery hypoparathyroidism, post RAI extreme fatigue and reaction to medications etc. etc). I feel that its really really important to honour, acknowledge and do those now possibly overused 'self care'! Stress levels are in my opinion a major factor in any dis-ease so anything we can do to lower that, take help and support when we need it (although difficult for some of us) is really important. I think I've always known that just never followed my own advice!

Wishing you all well on your journey through this!