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Cancer inheritance

Dom S
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Hi all just after a bit of help really. I’m a 31 year old male of two fantastic children. One is nearly 4 and the other is nearly 2. I was diagnosed in March 2019 after seeing a lump on my neck in the mirror. I have looked back on old pictures and you can see the lump on my neck as far back as 2015. This means that I had the cancer before I even had children. I’m so worried that they will inherit this cancer from me especially as I have had it before they where even born. I have papillary cancer, if anyone knows of anything about passing on cancer I would really appreciate it. 


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Welcome to our  community.  Do you have an Endocrine Nurse or even contact your consultant to have a chat and get the correct information.  I have 4 children myself and it is a worry.  Please contact your team as they are the best people to ease your worries and concerns.

Dont forget if just need to air what you are thinking and need a little support jot it down here and we will try to help. 

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The more common thyroid cancers are rare and it's even rarer for them to be genetic. Seriously, I don't think you should worry about this.

Some medullary TC is genetic and if you had that type, I would suggest you raising it with your medical team. But with a pap TC, I'd say ask but don't be surprised when they say it's not an issue. 

For completeness, I should add a bit more. There are a couple of even rarer syndromes - PTEN, Cowdens, maybe others - where there can be inherited issues against a whole family of cancers. But people who have those syndromes generally have multiple cancers plus a range of other diagnostic issues and just having one cancer - Pap TC - would not trigger any suspicion of anything sinister. 

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