Tg blood on hold due

Hey everyone

whats everything experience been on Tg blood test due to COVID-19 

Got a letter saying my consultant is over phone which is fine but rang and asked about bloods and they said they are on hold.

my bloods are not that stable to be left for months ? and if we get a second winter wave they have been slowly going up since my treatment currently at 14 and currently two nods they can biopsy as they are in a hard place are quite small.

just after people’s experience my app is on Monday.

  • Sorry you can’t get bloods taken, that is really unfair. 

    I had a telephone appointment with my surgeon but was able to arrange bloods to be taken at my local surgery. The blood is sent to the hospital which is treating me and analysed and results sent to the surgeon. I would ask your GP. 

  • HI there,

    I am being treated at Weston Park Sheffield and they have set up a drive through phlebotomy department at the arena. So although I had my 6 month check up via the phone, I was able to get my blood tests done.  Hope your treating hospital will find an alternative for you too.

    All the best. 

    Swichee x

  • Thanks for you reply’s they have said they will do bloods and ultrasound in August so 6months since my last one in Feb so think I’m happy with that.