My wife and I have been self-isolating for a couple of months, only leaving the house to go for walks with appropriate social distancing,  shopping delegated to our daughters, one at home & one next-door-but-one.     It took several hours to find a supermarket delivery slot and that was 3 weeks away.

 I had a full thyroidectomy in October followed by RAI in January.    In February the oncologist increased by thyroxin to 150 Mg to get my TSH down from 0.44 to below 0.1.  It appears to have increased my energy levels - last week with walks I averaged more than 14000 steps a day - and I feel as fit or fitter than before the operation.   Living in a village surrounded by bridleways, lanes and footpaths I may only pass 2 or 3 people/groups in an hour and everyone is sensible passing 2 metres apart, even on the canal towpath.

At the end of April I had a letter from the hospital telling me to stay indoors for 12 weeks.   I phoned my GP who looked through hospital letters etc then agreed that so long as I kept up social distancing there was no problem with me going out.   The severe risk list does not include RAI treatment, though being type 2 diabetic I do come into the medium risk group.  Yesterday the surgery phoned to suggest that guidelines had changed and I had been identified as requiring to be shielded.   

We've registered as being shielded but can't get a priority delivery slot because of our daughter living at home.    

I think that shielding is overkill for me.   I believe my 4-6 mile solitary country walks are more beneficial than staying indoors both physically and mentally. Pacing up and down in the kitchen or garden would not be enough -I'd wear out the lawn in a week!     Unless there's something I've missed  I shall continue to stay indoors EXCEPT for a daily, solitary, socially-isolated walk.