Update papillary thyroid cancer

Just wanted to give an update and a timeline of things so far. So I had an ultrasound and FNA on the 31st March, on the the 9th April the hospital called to say that I have classical papillary thyroid cancer and that because it’s low risk and due to coronavirus i will get surgery in 10-12 weeks. 
the a surprise call on Friday 1st May asking me to come in for pre op on Monday 4th. Had pre op and all well then on the Tuesday 5th may a phone call saying come in on Thursday for surgery. 
Any how today is the 9th May, 2 days post op feeling sore but home and all good. Started thyroxine on 125mg daily, post op phone call in 14 days for full surgery report and then transfer to endocrinologist at the Christie to see if I need RAI. 
Whilst a lot of panic in the first couple of weeks much more settled and assured at the moment