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Thyroid cancer

A place for people affected by thyroid cancer to support one another, ask questions, and share their experiences.

My Story

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Good afternoon everyone.

A little history of my issues thus far.

I have had issues with my neck, a herniated disc which was causing pain an numbness in my arm.

I had a routine MRI to check if the problem had got any worse and they found something else.

The initial pre diagnosis was lymphoma. I have had blood tests, PET scan and biopy all within the last week

My consultant called me today to advise they do not believe that this is in fact lymphoma but instead a thyroid problem.

So this week I have another biopsy and MRI scan.

Pretty scared if I'm honest because I have no symptoms what so ever.

What am I in for if this is thyroid cancer?

Any help or reassurance would be appreciated.

Thank you



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Hi there

Welcome to the forum, though I'm sorry you need to be here!

Well, that's certainly a story full of ups and downs isn't it! Goodness!

So, reading between the lines I'm guessing they found a lump? Was it on the thyroid, or was it in a lymph node? How were the bloods, all your thyroid results come out ok? I'm also wondering, why are you scared because you have no symptoms?

As for what are you in for if it's thyroid cancer, that's a tough one to answer as it would depend on the type and if it had spread. So, say this is thyroid cancer, and it's spread to the lymph nodes - I'm taking a guess based on the lymphoma diagnosis. You would more than likely have an operation to remove the whole thyroid called a total thyroidectomy. On top of that they would need to do a neck dissection to remove the infected lymph nodes. Both would be done at the same time, and it's a 6 month recovery on average from a neck dissection - but make sure to get both massage techniques and physio exercises to help with recovery if you do have one.

After that, they may decide you need RAI, or they may decide that treatment is done. If you need RAI they wait for a few months from the operation to allow you to heal, and then you need to go into hospital for a few days to stay in isolation while you're radioactive. There's not really any side effects from this - maybe a headache the day after taking the tablet - just boredom of being stuck in a room. However this lockdown should have you in good practice if you need it!!

Generally, after that, most people are done. All they need is a couple of tablets first thing every morning to give you the hormones your thyroid would have made, and a blood test once a year to monitor you.

Thyroid cancer is classed as a good one to get if you HAVE to have a cancer, because the treatment is generally quick and side effect free.

Any questions, please shout!



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