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Tumour Patho-Histology shows Well Differentiated and Poorly Differentiatied Calls within the same Papilliary Thyroid Tumour

Darth V
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Hi, I'm 8 weeks post thyroidectomy, neck dissection, laryngectomy, i'm 46 and am still waiting on a full Histo-pathology report.  I was dignosed with Papiliary Thyroid Carcinoma, but my case is unusual in that the well differentiated cells have spread to the lymph nodes, and the poorly differentiated cells to the blood vessels.

Covid-19 has stopped all Radio-Iodine Scans (which was the treatment of choice), I start 6 weeks of high dose external beam therapy on the 11th May (not looking fwd to it)... and they want to install a RIG Line but that requires a stay in ENT with Covid Patients in adjacent bays... so VERY unhappy to proceed with that.

I had a PET scan this week and have an appointment with both my surgeon and oncologist this coming wednesday to ascertain what the spread looks like... but theres barely anything written about both well and poorly differentiated cells arrising from the same tumour and what the prognosis might be... does anybody have any similar experience in this area?


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Hey there Darth,

Welcome to the forum though I'm sorry you need to be here!

I've not heard anyone mentioning both types of cell, but quite often the type of cell doesn't actually change how it reacts to treatment. I've known people with poorly differentiated cells react to treatment as if it was well differentiated. So I'd not dwell on the types too much and just concentrate on the treatments and how it reacts to them.

I'm concerned, as it seems you are, about your treatment plan. Yes lots of thyroid treatments have been stopped because of Covid, but usually so that staff can be redirected to covid wards, not because it would endanger the patient having the treatment. It sounds like fitting you with a RIG line beside covid patients, then giving you 6 weeks of a treatment that will lower your immune system, is much more risky than giving you RAI. Have they given you any reason as to why you can't have RAI? Or any reason why you can't wait for a few weeks/months until things start back up again as a number of people here are doing?

Good luck on Wednesday, please ask lots of questions as to the why of it all, and hopefully you'll get some answers that make you happy with a decision to wait or a decision to go ahead with their plan.

Keep in touch!



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