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Thyroid cancer

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Had phone conversation with local doctor as been feeling tired and hot and cold she thinks have a viral infection and if no better soon will need blood test to check on thyroid levels up until December I thought nothing wrong with me medically but since went for scan on neck and further mri scans i have cancer kidney stones gaul stones and lung problems im only 53 but life changed so much 

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Hey there Devon,

Welcome to the aging process!

Unfortunately, the older we get, the more things that start to go wrong. And if you go looking, you're always going to find things wrong that you didn't know about before. So if you didn't know about the kidney or gaul stones before, they aren't going to start causing you problems now, just because you now know they exist.

At a guess, I'd say that the same would go for the lung issues? But without knowing what they are, I couldn't comment more than that.

But yeh, life shouldn't really have changed at all from what you've said here.Perhaps it's just more to do with the way you view it?



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