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Newly diagnosed papillary thyroid cancer

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On the 9th April I got a phone call to tell me I had thyroid cancer. I was also told that it was a ‘good’ cancer and that my surgery will be delayed because of coronovirus but it didn’t matter because if I was pregnant they would happily wait 9 months to do anything. To be honest my thoughts are now all over the place sometimes relaxed about the whole thing like the doctor and sometimes petrified and angry that they were so blasé about my cancer. I’m struggling to keep a balance I swing from one extreme to the other. I hopefully have a follow up telephone call with the specialist nurse tomorrow but feel like with the current healthcare situation I won’t be considered important enough to follow the normal cancer pathway and timescales. 
has anyone else been through this? 

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sorry to hear of your diagnosis, I too had papillary thyroid cancer in 2009. I was diagnosed in feb, I had a total thyroidectomy in the May then radioiodene in the June, followed by a full body scan in September. I was only 25 at the time and I was very scared! But when I look back now nothing would of changed the way I felt. It is hard to come to terms with no matter how much you get told it’s a ‘good cancer’. It’s still a cancer! 

You should still be considered in the timescales as Best they can but I just wanted to let you know my timescales back in 09 when there was no pandemic it still seemed a long process.

I’m currently awaiting results from my sentinel lymph node biopsy for malignant melanoma. They are due to call me on Thursday to see if there is cancer present in the nodes they removed from my groin.

Thinking of you! 
B xx

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Really sorry to hear this. It's such a shock isn't it?

This is a really tough time for anyone with a new diagnosis of cancer. Hopefully the phonecall with the specialist nurse will have helped. They tend to have more time for detailed discussions, and will perhaps be a little more sensitive in how they explain the wait. It's definitely NOT that you aren't important!

I had half my thyroid removed in January, and will have the second half removed later this year, although of course this will be delayed. It IS a really slow growing cancer by all accounts though (it's hard to believe but as I understand it some of us could have had it for many years), so I'm not as concerned by this as I might have been. But I have had much longer to come to terms with my situation than you (first indications that it might be serious were back in November last year, but it was only confirmed after the first surgery). I have found that as time goes on, and particularly with all the other stuff that's happening at the moment, I have become gradually calmer about it all. Again though, my situation is different to yours in that I'm further along in my treatment, and it must be very difficult indeed to be asked to wait. (The waiting, for me, has been THE hardest thing - waiting for appointments, waiting for results, and all the imagining we do of worst case scenarios.)

Do let us know how you get on. I do hope things can happen faster than has been indicated so far.

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Thank you for the reply. I had a really positive conversation with the specialist nurse this morning and feel much better. 
I hope you get positive news this week xx

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I'm so pleased for you. 

These specialist nurses are AMAZING!