Thyroid lobectomy

Hi all

i had the right side of my thyroid removed on 7/1/20 was home the day after but I still feel shocking is this normal? Everyone keeps saying it will take time to recover properly, how long does it take to feel somewhat normal again? 
I didn’t really know what to think in terms of recovery and just assumed I’d be ok after a couple of days. 

  • Heya, 

    Welcome to the forum, though I'm sorry you need to be here. 

    When you say you feel shocking, what is it exactly that you are feeling? There are all sorts of things that could be going on, and different ways to help combat them. So if you don't mind sharing a bit more, then hopefully I'll be able to give you some tips to help. 



  • Hi

    i feel very tired, keep getting chills to the point I just feel cold most of the time and getting headaches. I’m still sore in my neck etc but was expecting that, I’ve had a sore chest and a cough that won’t budge since I came out of hospital but I think that might be a chest infection. 
    Anyway I have the drs today for stitches removing so I’ll mention this to them, I was intrigued to know how others felt after the op. 

  • Hi Emma

    I had my thyroid removed and 31 lymph nodes taken out in April last yet. I felt very tired for the first couple of weeks and napped every afternoon and went to bed early. I had the most awful toothache when I got out of hospital and I knew my teeth were ok as I was at the dentist just before my operation. When I was at my next check up I mentioned it to the dentist who pointed out that I would have had a tube down my throat that had vibrated against my tooth. I had a very stiff neck to the point that I could barely move it and there was no way I was safe to drive. After 2 weeks I went to see an osteopath who worked miracles and gave me my mobility back.

    It does take time to feel normal again, and I think we all under estimate the effect stress has on the body.

    Look after yourself and take things easy with plenty rest.


  • Thanks for your reply. I have a stiff neck and still finding laying flat a struggle, I’m resting as much as I can although the weekend has been hard with kids being off school. My wound is healing nicely from what the nurse said this morning and she’s suggested I monitor any symptoms I have over the next couple of days and go see the gp if I need too. 

  • Heya,

    All sounds normal then I'm afraid.

    Tiredness, chills, and headaches this soon after an op are usually the anaesthetic working it's way through your body. Just as a head's up, this might happen again in about a month or two, where it might feel like you've hit a wall. The anaesthetic is absorbed into your fat cells, and when those cells are broken down it releases the drug back into your system again. So this feeling might come back.

    Sore neck, make sure you're lying on a slope at night rather than flat with a pillow. Also, when you sit down, make sure that your head is supported somehow to give your neck a rest. Also, don't be afraid to still be taking the ibuprofen and paracetemol your docs should have advised you to take, if you can. They'll both help you heal faster and feel better.

    Sore chest and throat - again, normal I'm afraid. You'll often find after an operation that you end up with a productive cough. This is both because of the tube down your throat irritating it, and it'll often differ depending on the skill of the surgeon as well as how cooperative your body was being while out. Then there's also usually 'stuff' getting coughed up that your body produces from whatever is being blown into your lungs. If you keep your fluids up and make sure to cough up anything in your chest, it should pass in a couple of weeks max.

    So the good news is, it's all very normal these things you're feeling, but that does mean there's not much you can do to help get rid of them other than have a little patience I'm afraid.



  • Thank you for your reply. The nurse who removed my stitch today more or less said the same as you. I’m just gonna take it easy and not rush myself to do too much too soon luckily I have a good family who help out with the kids a lot too and my in laws have offered to do the school runs for the rest of the week when my partner goes back to work. 

  • Hi Emz

    I had a partial thyroidectomy at the end of November.  I had no idea what to expect and have found recovery more difficult than I expected and had certainly not been well prepared!  I wasn't even sure I was allowed more than 2 weeks off work, and it turns out the surgeons only ever give a 2 week medical certifcate but the GP provides more on-going ones.  

    Coming out and then getting ready for Xmas with a family was not great timing, and about a month after the op - between Xmas and New Year, I "hit the wall" - my energy levels were ridiculously low and I felt emotional and really just rubbish all round.  Messaging on here helped - support from members and from MacMillan board members like Lass gave me a boost.

    I think, from my experience, don't rush back into "normal" - I did, and I regretted it.  Also, make sure you have someone to talk to where you can totally say how you are feeling (physically and emotionally) without feeling guilty that you are burdening them (ie I would say not an immediate family member).

    I hope you feel better soon.  


  • Hi

    i wasn’t really sure what to expect other than I’d be in pain from the surgery I was not prepared for the insane tiredness I feel or the emotional aspect of going through the procedure, I’m a stay at home mum so no sick note for me Disappointed. My kids have been absolute stars though they’re 8,6 and 2 and have been very understanding of how I feel for their age and my youngest has got used to me not being able to pick him up which I’ve been told to hold off from doing for another week. 
    I pushed myself too far on Friday thinking I’d be ok to go out for a while I only went shopping and visit the in laws and I was knackered after. 
    Im also anxious waiting for the results of the nodule. 

  • Whatever your results show, we'll be here to celebrate if all is clear, and here to commiserate if it happens to be malignant, and we'll still be here to help you through each step that you need us!



  • Yes, I had to wait for results - the consultant wanted me to wait nearly a month, offering to give me the results on Xmas Eve! I lasted a week before I sent him a shirty email explaining that waiting that long (because he was going on holiday) was totally unreasonable and I got them the following week.  So, I would say to you what my sister said to me, which a friend told her when she had a tumour situation "the squeakiest wheel gets fixed first" - be polite but firm and push for answers.  I was also told that they are dealing with so many, of which so many are a lot worse, that it is easy for them to forget the individuals who are waiting and for whom this news may the worse they have had, even if it is not the worst the doctors have seen.

    Also - the insane tiredness.  I definitely feel your pain there - I was nearly crying with exhaustion; I think a lot of it is to do with getting the right dose of thyroxine, and making sure your doctors know just how awful you are feeling.  This is not the time to be a martyr or put on a brave face (like women tend to do)!  Also, take all the offers of help you get and don't be afraid to ask for more help as well.  

    Your children sound amazing, and yet it must be very difficult with a pre-schooler.  I am lucky my girls are teenagers, and that helped a lot.  If your 2 year old has a nap, then I suggest you take one too. (it is too easy to think of it as a time to get jobs done).  

    I really hope you feel better soon and that you get your results soon.  We are all here for you.