Hi guys ,I was was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer yesterday lunchtime after a hemithyroidectomy on the 11th November for a large cyst , the tumour was 5cm and I am awaiting completion surgery which will be within 2 weeks ,I waited just short of 6 weeks for the results

I am so shocked by it all it’s very difficult to take in ,I was told that it was just a cyst and I had no need to worry ,they were going to leave me another 6 months as they were sure from the U/S and biopsy that I had nothing to worry about 

I was told on the way to surgery and a day after that it was just a cyst and now I am so shocked to find out it’s cancer 

I don’t know the staging or anything as I was rushed out of the room with a Macmillan nurse and sent for a pre op ,they just said it was follicular thyroid cancer and 5cm

It started in July when they found a lump during an mri looking for something else 

I am so confused ,how can a 5cm

tumour be missed? Is this classed as big?

Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense ,I am 38 male from the uk

Any advice would be greatly appreciated 



  • Just read my diagnosis it’s says capsular and vascular invasive follicular variant papillary thyroid carcinoma,sorry for taking up so much of your time

  • I have literally just had the image of a women jumping out at me with her arms wide open with a crazy look in her eyes JoyJoyJoy

  • I am sorry you have had so much crap Lass ,I will look at then grief thing, same age as me then so we are both very young Joy

  • And it raised a smile didn't it. So it worked! Lol

    And that's the same diagnosis I had. So you've got papillary thyroid cancer with a follicular variant, which has broken out of the capsule and started trying to invade your blood stream. And if you anthropomorphise..... If that's not a word it is now.... the cancer cells, you could have all sorts of fun depending on your level of geekiness and fandom of choice. 

    Deatheaters running out of the Forbidden Forest, trying to invade Hogwarts.

    Stormtroopers escaping the Deathstar, trying to take Tatooine.

    The Nazgûl leaving Minas Morgul and trying to enter Lothlorien.

    The Daleks trying to invade Gallifrey. 

    And so on. Makes it all seem a lot less worrisome as each of those was fought off and lost!

    As for me, if you haven't then you can see my full story by clicking my name. 



  • Lol yes it did ,I have read your story Lass ,you are one brave woman it’s like a never ending story for you unfortunately Lass 

  • Hi. its good to hear from you Carl. Sorry its all a bit of a crazy rollercoaster for you at the mo.

    Lass haw written some brilliant things here as always. I just wanted to add, from my own experience...

    Don't underestimate the effects of your body adjusting to the dose of thyroxine. . The initial dose they start you on will very probably need to be corrected up or down [usually up] so whilst that's happening you can feel very odd in your brain and body. Just wanted to reassure you that once you find your correct dose this should all sort out. but I remember feeling pretty awful in the first few weeks as I was adjusting. For me this manifested as  really bad depression [as my initial dose was far too low] and horrible joint aches and whooshing in the ears as well as awful exhaustion.

    So just wanted you to know that if you do feel down, this can often be a side effect and will improve when the dose is right.

    However, thankfully it sounds like they have started you on a much better dose than me [I was started on 75mcg which was FAAAR too low] I'm now on 125mcg now [im really tiny and its dependant on weight.] It sounds like your starting dose is a much more reasonable one.

    It just takes a while and a bit of tweaking to find the correct dose for you but you will get there Slight smile

    And definitely make a comfy slope in your bed. I used a large Ikea cushion and that really helped me get better sleep. 

    Sending you love and hugs


  • PS. Whilst Im not one to advocate too many drugs, I found codeine was a lifesaver to get some sleep in the first few weeks. It took the edge off the pain in my neck enough for me to get a comfy position and its quite snooze inducing too. Dont think I would have slept if it wasn't for that. Im always worried about addiction but one low dose tablet was enough and it was fine. Was my doc who recommended it.

  • Thank you very much for taking the time to reply and for the info, hope you are having a good day 

  • No problem Slight smile. You take care of yourself xx

  • Thank you ,and you too x