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Rwflux/nausea and or vomiting

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So i had my total thyroidectomy yesterday at 9am. Which was technically a left lobe hemithyrectomy as the right lobe was taken in october.

Did anyone suffer from reflux after theirs?

I didnt have it with the right lobe but I was woken up at 6 for bloods (I only managed to get to sleep at 2:30) and my reflux is really bad and then I've just vomited 750ml. The nurse looked and said "that's quite alot" and I'm like yeah.

Its birthday today too so im feeling a little sorry for myself.

But anyone had the same?

I started on calcium tablets yesterday and I felt weird as soon as if had those.



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Happy Birthday Gaynor, sorry you are in hospital for your birthday.

I didn’t have reflux but the anaesthetic always makes me sick. When I was having my thyroid removed I really thought I had escaped sickness no it came about 9pm and lasted all night. 

I didn’t get calcium tablets so I’m sorry can’t help you with that.

I hope you have been discharged and resting in your own bed.

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