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Treatment options

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Hi all,

I just wanted some advice on behalf of a friend. I posted in March asking for advice on a hemi- thyroidectomy. My friend had the op last month and her biopsy showed follicular carcinoma which was contained. The tumour was 4cm and she is 44 years old. 
She has been given two options my the surgeon; surveillance or have the rest of the thyroid out and have radio iodine. Her surgeon seemed to be gently supporting the first option but she has done some research which would suggest that given the size and the fact she is over 40, she should be getting the thyroid out. 
I just wondered if anyone had any advice on this matter either way? 
thanks in advance 

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That's great that you're trying to help your friend. I'm afraid I don't have experience with thyroid cancer so I'm just 'bumping' your post back on to the first page in the hope that someone with the right experience will be able to help you.


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Hi Spirited

The word cancer is always a scary one, but thyroid cancer is very slow growing. 

Your friends cancer was contained, with no lymph nodes which suggests that it hasn’t spread. The watch and wait approach seems scary but the medical profession are operating a more cautious approach for thyroid cancer. It used to be that everybody had RAI therapy, but not now. Each case seems to be treated differently.

If your friend is unsure could she contact her consultant and ask for them to explain their reasoning? 

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Thanks so much for your reply.  I will pass this on.