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Hearing loss

Vivienne Sally
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Hi all,

I am waiting to go and have my iodine treatment in January, my scar has heaed nicely and I feel so much better in myself except for my hearing.  This has got progressively worse and I now have significant hearing loss in both ears.  My Consultant has said it has nothing to do with the thyroid cancer and that I needed to go back to my GP for a referral.  I have done this now  been testing and yes I have significant hearing loss and it is  not age related!!  I am now waiting for a referral to the ENT dept but I wanted to know if anyone else has had ear problems?

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Hello Vivienne, 

I am experiencing hearing loss, but not only have I had my thyroid removed, I’ve had a neck dissection and the iodine treatment. Had a hearing test on Friday and just waiting for results. Getting my Macmillan nurse to chase them. 

I did a hearing test at work and it came back as my hearing was an age of a 45-50 year old. I’m only 25 years of age. 


Vivienne Sally
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Hi Lucy,

Thank you for your reply.

I have had 2 ops and neck dissection and I am waiting for iodine treatment.

I have almost lost the hearing completely in my left ear with pain also.

I am under Guys of London for my treatment but they have said my ears are nothing to do with the papillary cancer.  After I came round fro  the second op I had lost my hearing in both ears but it did gradually return but not fully. I am not feeling confident in my Consultant at all at the moment.  He missed the fact that my cancer had spread to the lymph nodes after the first op, they found more cancer after the total thyroidectomy  and neck dissection  but have said that the iodine will kill off any stray cells. 

Any help and advice would be so welcome 

X x 

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Hi Vivienne

I had 2 op since 2014. My thyroid cancer spread to my lung. I had 4 radioactive iodine. The last one was on the 9th Dec 2019. I have no problem with my hearing at all. But this is just my experience tho. 
All the best X x