Here we go again

Hi all,

I was at the docs yesterday, she read out my ultrasound results, seems I have a small 8mm(tiny I know) suspicious nodule, U3 so same as last time, recommendations were for FNA. Obviously a bit upset that my body just keeps throwing things at me. Got home to get a phone call from my surgeon, who wants to wait and get another ultrasound and see me again in April. He says he can’t rule out it’s not a small patch of thyroid cancer but prefer to watch it for a wee while. 

At this moment in time I’m happy to wait, MRI is on Monday and doc says main focus is of my brain stem and eye area, eye movement problems definitely getting worse. I think I need to get that seen to before dealing with anything else. In a bit of a anxiety meltdown at the moment, so need a bit of breathing space. 

Thanks for listening 

  • Heya Oban,

    Sorry to hear your body is misbehaving again, as you know, I know allllllllll about that one! lol

    Glad to hear that you're ok with waiting, because as you know, that can sometimes be the worst part of it all! Fingers crossed though it's just a wee nobbly bit and nothing more!

    Any news on your wibbly wobbly eyes?



  • Hi Lass

    MRI results Thursday 5th Dec. Fingers crossed it’s nothing. Keeping positive Blush xx

  • I might have missed it, but what were the results ?



  • Hi Lass

    MRI came back clear for the areas they checked. Which even the consultant said was good as she was worried it would have shown something. She seemingly has been discussing me with her colleagues, I’m a bit of a mystery, been referred to someone else now, they are suspecting neurological damage caused by the late diagnosed Coeliac Disease. See the next consultant in the beginning of March.

    Been going through a bit of a tough time mentally recently, so trying to crawl my way out of that. Still got the next ultrasound to go through to see if the suspicious nodule has changed, plus haven’t decided if I want to take the bisphosphonates for the osteoporosis yet. On the VitD and calcium though. 

    Hope you’re doing okay and had a good Christmas and all the best for 2020! Xx

  • Well bleh!

    I really hate getting answers that aren't decisive or actionable. I've had too many of them myself, and I completely empathise with where you are right now.

    Fingers crossed for March, and you know we're always here to help you out of holes if we can. I've a stepladder in the cupboard, and I'm not afraid to whip it out!