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change in taste pre-RAI ?

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This sounds weird but ......

It's 4 weeks since I had my thyroid plus other bits removed and am waiting for RAI, most likely after Christmas.

I've regularly breakfasted on my home-mixed muesli for a long time (oats, nuts, sultanas, sunflower & pumpkin seeds); but the last few mornings I've found it has acquired a taste of raw garlic!   The more I chew  a mouthful the stronger the extra flavour!    Apart from the surgery and thyroxine the only difference is that I added some chia seeds and and bit of wheat to the latest mix.

I love garlic in savoury food but it's a little odd for breakfast!

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Well, that is certainly a weird one.

I'm going to go out on a limb though and say it's got nothing to do with the thyroxine or the thyroidectomy, as they go nowhere near the tastebuds other than with a tube to help you breathe. So if there had been damage to your tongue, you'd notice and everything would have changed taste.

So my guess is that something has got into your muesli jar by mistake! (Or on purpose if you have kids/flatmates/a jokester partner/etc)

If it's not nice then I'd suggest tipping it out, washing the jar or box it's stored in, then starting again. See what happens with new ingredients and fresh containers.



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