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Tightness in throat when stressed

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I had a total thyroidectomy  8 years ago for throat cancer. All is going well however I have noticed when I get stressed my throat where the scar is gets really tight this then distressed me.  Does this happen to anyone else Thankyou 

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I was hoping somebody who has a similar problem might have chipped in by now but sadly the site has loads of technical problems and we're not getting as much 'traffic' as normal.

I don't have this problem but I do think it's something the tight throat at times of stress 'thing' is very typical for people whether they have had thyroid surgery or not. Think about all the times when we're stressed and we go to speak out and just get a squeaky voice because everything has kind of constricted out of fear. And when you've got a scar, that constriction can pull on it.

SO whilst I'm kind of hypothesising here, I think it's nothing to worry about unless this is something that's only just started to happen - in which case I wouldn't rush to the doctor but maybe it's something to mention at your annual check up.

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Hi both,

The site is being a bit strange for me too, I sometimes don't see any new posts for ages then they all seem to come through. Weird.

Kibby777 I was going to say similar to Barbara in that before my operations my throat got incredible tight and I'd physically have put my head back and stretch it because it felt like I was being strangled a bit. The strangest part for me was that it felt that at any second my throat would close. I don't think it was because of my lump though cause I've had it for years, it usually happens before exams or when I used to go out with people for the first time.

Thankfully though it was down to good old anxiety, I think i had a lot of tension in my shoulders which was affecting my throat. My mum suffers with the same sort of thing ( sometimes I get annoyed when I tell my parents I have a problem and they say "Oh so do I, and your Aunty and Grandad" ) 

All I would say is mention it to your Dr next time you are there, They'll probably give you a quick examination and be able to put your mind at ease.

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