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Waiting for my TT op

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Hi all,

Following my hemi & diagnosis of minimally invasive hurthle cell carcinoma I was referred to Sheffield hospital for my TT.  I had my appointment with the consultant there this week and was told that I am not an urgent case and that the op will be scheduled for sometime in August.  On one hand I should think well, if the docs don't think it is urgent then I should feel relieved but on the other hand I have cancer and want the treatment (for now the TT) to go ahead as soon as possible.  Have any of you had to wait for such a long time too for the TT?  I was diagnosed on May 21st..

Swichee (currently feeling somewhere between worried and resigned) 

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Hi swichee,

I also had minimally invasive hurthle cell. I found a lump in April 2017 and hemi in June and then had my total end of September, then RAI in December.

I was also told I wasnt an urgent case and for me too I just wanted it done and dusted but think this is normal timescale for thyroid cancer.

Can totally understand your frustration though!

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I think that's a long time to wait and that with an HCC - invasive or not - they shouldn't be making you wait that long. Obviously I don't know all the circumstances of how big it was or what they found in the path report, but 3 months is longer than I think you should be asked to wait. 

Any chance you can call the doctor's secretary and ask if they can refer you to another hospital to get it done more quickly? Or put you on a list in case they get a cancellation and can bump you up the list.

I don't think you should have to wait because the docs are all planning their summer holidays. 

Best wishes


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I have contacted my previous surgeon to see if the op can be carried out there rather than Sheffield.  I am waiting to hear from them now and hopefully they can fit me in.

The new surgeon told me that for me to get in earlier in case of a cancellation is very unlikely as they have far more urgent cases on their lists than me..