Passive smoke

Hi all, I am 6 weeks post full TT and was stage 4a cancer. It was aggressive and had nice day into my windpipe. 

I am now paranoid about inhaling second hand smoke and vape. 

My husband insists on vaping in the house and next to me in bed, am I being unreasonable becoming upset about this? 

We also went to a party at the weekend and so many were smoking I stayed away, but Sunday my throat was sore and I’m so worried about damaging inside which is still very early since surgery and healing. 

Can anyone offer advice? 

  • Hi, it's only natural to be worried and of course its better to not be breathing in those things. It's a bit unreasonable in my view that your husband does that. 

    My dad had vocal cord cancer and he covers his mouth and nose anytime we are out if someone is smoking outside shops etc. I feel he is over cautions at that, but I wouldn't be happy at living in a house where its always there. That's my thoughts on it, I view any of that to be a risk. 

    Take care and does your husband take on board your concerns at all? 

    Lolabean :) 

  • Hello  

    It's highly unlikely that exposure to smoke or vape fumes had anything to do with you getting thyroid cancer or that it would directly impact your treatment for thyroid cancer. But it's undeniably disgusting to have to inhale what others just exhaled and I think your husband is being rather unreasonable to be vaping in bed next to you.

    Do you think he'd get the message if you sent him to sleep on the couch or in the spare bedroom?