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how long does it take for thyroxine to work

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hi guys,

i started my thyroxine yesterday after having thyroid out 5 wks ago i am on 200, does anyone know how long it takes to start working

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Did they leave you with NO medication for those 5 weeks? Or are you switching from liothyronine? Assuming that you've been 5 weeks without medication, you are most likely absolutely exhausted and very hypo. You'll have to climb out of that deep hole before the thyroxine can start doing its magic.

Generally speaking T4 (thyroxine) takes up to 6 weeks before it's working fully. If you're starting from 50 meters back before the starting line, it's going to be tougher and take longer before you start to feel well

Not knowing how big you are or how heavy, it's hard to say if 200 mcg is too much but it is rather a lot. I hope the doc isn't trying to overcompensate for leaving you unmedicated for the last 5 weeks. I started on 100, and then increased to 125, 150 then 175 and then spent the next year tweaking between 150 and 175 and am now back to 150.

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Hi, hope everyone is doing well. I've been travelling for work and must say that MAC website on mobile devices is useless! (just gave them the feedback). It's not easy to say how long it would take to get thyroxine to work as we all have different metabolism, lifestyles, types of work etc. It took me about 3-4 months to be back to a relatively 'normal' feeling but I have a quite hectic lifestyle. It took me at least 8 weeks to gather some strength and I requested to have T3 (20mcg per day) on top of thyroxine to help me for a few weeks. All the best. forest