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Bio Oil - its brilliant and Dermatix too!

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Hi All,

In an attempt to put a positive vibe into the forum I highly recomend the use of Bio Oil on the scar.  I have been putting this on since my dressings were fully removed and it has done wonders.  It softens the would and so I haven't had any itching as you do normally if you cut yourself by accident.  It smells lovely and really does help to heal the wound and make the scar appear reduced.  Its not an over night miracle cure and the Bio Oil people do recomend to use it for at leat 3 months (I've been using it for 2).

Two weeks ago I was at the doctors and they have now prescribed me a silicon gel called Dermatix.  This does the same thing as bio oil but acts more as a barrier and will also help to reduce the apperance of the scar.  I put this on in the morning so that it protects during the day and whilst I am at work. You can even put make up on over it if you wish.  Since using this as well I have noticed a reduction in the redness around the scar. I then use the Bio Oil at night in a hope to benefit from both.

Hope this helps.

Jenny :0)

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I have a bottle of this and I had been dabbing it on gently until the doc said give it a good rub and a bit of gentle massage. I think it's going OK. For the first couple of weeks after the stitches were out I used cocoa butter and I ended up with a really nasty rash.

Forest NEC
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Many thanks for the info. Do we need doctor's prescription for bio oil or can just go to Boots etc to buy it? Many thanks

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You can get it in Boots, S'drug, Savers and places like that or there are good deals online - 60 ml from about £5-6, 200 ml from around a tenner.

It's widely available and popular with pregnant ladies for reducing stretch marks. I'd suggest to google it and use the 'shopping' search function.

It smells surprisingly flowery but it has a great reputation and a little goes a long way.