Post surgery - difficulty swallowing

Hi all! 

I'm 2 days post hemi T op and felt pretty ok until now.

My throat feels super sore, it's difficult to swallow and I keep feeling like I have trapped gas in my chest. I also have a bit of a cough which I didn't have before. I'm pretty sure this is all standard post surgery symptoms and think it's likely from the anaesthetic rather than the actual thyroidectomy, but it would be great to hear if anyone else experienced this! Also how long did it last? What medication did you use to treat it? Currently just taking paracetamol. 

I knew I would experience difficulty in swallowing post op, but I'm surprised with just how uncomfortable it is! 

I'm not sure if it's just because I'm out of the hospital and off all of the drugs they were giving me, but any tips or advice would be appreciated :) 

  • Often this is caused during surgery when they shove the tubes down your throat. It's not nice but it should pass.

    Drink lots of water and if paracetamol seems to be helping, then that's great - just watch the daily limits. 

    Try to find soft foods that you can swallow easily.  But don't buy too much - it'll pass soon. 

    Best wishes


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