Newly dg with thyroid cancer

Pending op day at the beggining of June. Feels to long to wait. Any advise pre op that I should be aware off please. Thank you.

  • Hi. I am not sure what type of surgery you will have but I will just tell you my experience. 

    On 1st of March I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer with spread to my left lymph nodes. On 23rd of March I've had my surgery. They removed all of my thyroid and lymph nodes on the left side of my neck. The surgery was supposed to last 5 hours but it took 9. Never told me why. I was in hospital for 3 nights but only because my calcium was low and they tried to stabilise it as much as they could. I was told the surgery went fine and everything that was supposed to be removed was removed. I went on thyroxine 175mcg dose the day after surgery plus Vit D and calcium. I will need radioactive iodine (RAI) treatment in some time so that would be another short time in hospital. I think the thyroxine was set up correctly as I feel very well and heard a lot about people struggling for a long time with their doses. Now I am 4 weeks after surgery and I am going back to work in 2 weeks. Although I felt rough for first 3 weeks after the surgery now I am much better but I didn't believe I will feel good again. My scar is very big. Runs from my left ear down to the front of my throat. Heals nicely.

    You can take some clothes change to hospital in case you will have to stay longer than predicted. Toiletries,brush, etc. I've had a book with me but never looked at it. Mobile phone and charger is important obviously and your bed should have their own TV. Take your medicines with you to hospital as they will ask you A LOT about them. If you have any more questions just ask. Good luck. 

  • Thank you so much for your feedback. Found it very useful. I m due TT and neck resection for 3 nodes. I'm still in shock from the news. Disapointed the least to say as in Oct 2021 I've seen my endo team and told them about the lump. They did nothing and told me is nothing to worry about it. In March this year I went back and tod them is getting bigger and I asked for a US. From there I'm where I am now. Biopsy on the spot and 6th May they confirmed need urgent op as agresive neoplasm. I'm trying to stay positive and I hope this is not the end for me. I'm 47 years old and been suffering with Graves since 2006. I declined RAI but I guess now no way out of it as confirmed that will need it post op. Pending op in June and greatful for everything. Thank you again for your reply. Wishing u a speedy recovery. Please keep me posted if u don't mind. 

  • I am sure you already know that thyroid cancer is slow growing so few months wouldn't make loads of difference HOWEVER your lump should have been looked at when you first told them about it. It is a shock I will agree to anyone who hears this or any cancer diagnosis. I am quite strong minded and positive person but have moments of sadness that it happened to me. I am 37 and no history of this cancer in the family. I always was in good health and felt a bit invincible so maybe that is a lesson I need to learn. I also think that after major surgery and neck dissection is one RAI treatment is just a boring moment we need to get through and hopefully that will be it and we will be healthy once again. Please remember that we have a very good chance of becoming cancer free after the treatment. Take care and all the best. 

  • Thank you so much for your reply and constructive feedback. I needed this. X wishing you all the best in the journey we have to embrace and make the most of it. Im looking forward to my next step surgery. Got already V shape pillow which I understand is a must to have post op. I can see why feels comfortable. X 

  • I personally managed without V pillow but now I think it would help me sleep when me head felt like it got hit with a brick (above the wound behind my ear). It only is getting better now so no point for me to buy one but I probably should have in the beginning. Take care :)