Neck gland removal Advice

Hi advice pls .. I've just had an operation for  the removal of a neck gland   size    U4/. 3A  in rite thyroid lobe ..  What does this mean.. ?    Also I've lost 2 stone in weight over active  thyrBouquetd ..  Will I put loads  weight back on  now it's been removed ...      Do I need medication  ? I have just had an hysterectomy and on hormone replacement meds to    do sorry I have no idear on the  Bouquetdical side of things  ty so much Bouquet

  • Hello, I’m quite confused by your post. When you mention a ‘neck gland’ do you mean you’ve had part or all of your thyroid removed? What it means? You’ll need to wait for the results of the pathology lab report.
    Overactive thyroids can cause weight loss but they also put terrible strain on the heart so whilst weight loss is often welcomed, it’s not a long term sustainable situation to be hyperthyroidal. Will you put on weight after surgery? It depends on whether you are put on thyroxine to replace the lost part of your thyroid. If part of the thyroid remains, you might not need it.

    I have no medical training, everything I post is an opinion or educated guess. It is not medical advice.