Anniversary of finding out I had thyroid cancer

Hi all lovely people,

it’s been 5 yrs since I found out I had thyroid cancer and to be honest I still find it really difficult and can’t get my head around it all. This last 6 months has been a real struggle to get appointment to speak to consultant as kept getting letters cancelling previous on until last letter no appointments at all, stress levels through the roof! Until I finally got through to consultant secretary who bless her said you needed a blood test last month ( which I know but can’t get through to anyone). As thyroglobulin level high so blood test eventually booked for a weeks time and consultant phone consultation a week later. 
Thank you for listening/reading. 
Green heartGreen heartGreen heart Jo

  • I know what you mean about anniversaries. Every year - and it's coming up for 11 now - I remember the date of my hemi, the date of my diagnosis and the date of my completion thyroidectomy. I also know my RAI date. 

    After 10 years, they don't bother me so much but I see them as a chance to look back and think how far I've come. 

    Covid has been a pain for people still in active treatment and monitoring so I do hope that you get your blood tests sorted and reported soon. 

    Best wishes


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