Neck pain years after surgery

Hi. I'd just like to see if anyone has experienced neck pain years after surgery. I had a hemi and completion in November and December 2018 and radioiodine in march 2019. I had a 27mm papillary follicular variant tumour and three other micro tumours. 

All tumours were contained and I had no vascular invasion. All my Tg bloods have been undetectable and I've been deemed low risk.

Last autumn I started to get neck pain around right front side of my neck. It hurt when I stretched my neck up and almost felt like someone was pressing their finger on my neck. The ENT surgeon done an exam and felt nothing, another clear Tg was taken. After a few months he decided to refer me for an ultrasound which found nothing. The surgeon has put this down as scar tissue.

The pain kind of settled abit but has come back again now. My last Tg result in June was undetectable again. I am waiting to see the ENT surgeon again.

I would just like to know if anyone else has experienced any similar issues. Obviously it's great to have clear scans and Tg tests but the presence of pain in the area triggers worry.

Many thanks,


  • Hi Mark

    My completion surgery was in August 2020 and I had RAI in October, I have had discomfort in the neck area for the last few months but not pain. Like you I have had a Tg result which was undetectable and an uneventful neck ultrasound. I am taking comfort from these results. Have you tried gentle neck stretching exercises. All the best for your continued recovery