Shoulder Pain after surgery?

Hello Wave

I had my surgery about 4 weeks ago removing the thyroid and lymphnodes from both sides of my neck. I was curious if anyone else experienced shoulder pain after their surgery? Currently my right shoulder is killing me and have been. referred to physio. I was told before surgery there was a risk of damage to the spinal accessory nerve which affects shoulders but mine wasn't damaged. 

  • Hi, I had  one half of my thyroid removed in August 2019. In December 2019 I could not raise my arm beyond the horizontal without significant pain. Physio asked me if I was diabetic as research had shown increased cases of shoulder pain in patients with endocrine disorders. She thought I was possibly in early stages of a frozen shoulder. I was given exercises to do twice each day and It took a year to get back to normal movement. I hope your shoulder pain eases and that your recovery from your surgery goes very well

  • Hi currently I struggle to get it above the horizontal and I also have type 2 diabetes so that's good to know! Thank you Slight smile