hot hot hot

can i ask how people are coping in this heat and are there any tips on how to get cool im not coping very well right now i dont think ive slept for days 

  • Hi . I've just replied to your other post. On this one I can only say we don't. Shut your curtains/blinds during the day to prevent the heat build-up. We bought a fan but it only seems to push round hot air! I frequently wrap a soaked cold tea towels around my wrists but basically I sit in the garden under a tree for most of the day at the moment.

    You probably haven't slept either due to what's going through your mind at the moment. This time last year I hadn't yet been diagnosed but once I was I lay staring at the ceiling with hubby snoring away beside me!

    Good thing is the Perseids meteor shower start again about 10/12 August so go meteor watching!

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  • I haven't used them myself, but I have bought cooling scarves and bandanas from Amazon. The bandanas come with a gel filling that soaks up water and releases coolness for several years. There are also cooling towels that do something similar.

    Worth a try.

    I do have small USB desk fans that I use around the house - one on my desk, one on the bedside. I find them pretty good.

    Best wishes


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  • ihi mrs bjh 

    ive tried all these things im hoping that after my surgery its gonna get better at the minute i feel like im going to self combust x ooh i love metear showers i always seem to miss them though or its been too cloudy to see them 

  • thanks hun will look at getting one of those i bought the usb fan the other day its not too bad i guess.

  • Sorry I'm late here, I was in surgery a week ago, but I have invested in an air conditioning unit, rather than an air cooler.  I don't know much about them but I got one from Machin Mart £262 AC7050, it cools the room down in seconds and just plugs in with a vent out of the window so no building work needed.  I know it is expensive but I'm with my partner in a second floor apartment complete with full length French doors and the heat is overwhelming.  I have just ordered a second one for the bedroom, had to order online as the shops were sold out as soon as they came in. The worry can keep me awake I didn't need the heat to join in too. 

  • sorry ive taken so long to respond im recovering after my op i wish i could get air con would be amazing