Possible clavicle/collarbone mets??

Hii everyone, I recently had a TT and full neck dissection on both sides, I can barely move my neck and can’t lift shoulder and still have 1 drain in. I have a lump on my distal clavicle towards the shoulder. It’s in the gap where lymph nodes usually are but it’s attached to my collarbone and it’s on the inside. It has been causing me pain, maybe because I always used to press it before surgery I don’t know..my surgeon said to just watch and wait for a whole body scan and radioactive iodine. I was just wondering has anyone else ever had this? I’m so scared it could be bone mets, it literally feels like a nodule stuck on the inside of the clavicle to my bone. I hope I’m not the only one someone please help:( I am only 23 and I’m still so scared that it’s bone mets. Has anyone else ever had anything like this? 

  • Hi,

    I haven't had the same but I can understand the anxiety this is causing you. Try to be reassured that if your surgeon isn't overtly concerned,  that's a positive sign.

    I did have a rib which was very sore on and off for months.  I did touch it a lot because it was sore. Maybe that made it more sore? I don't know.  Ultimately the Dr said it was something to do with cartilage and it would be fine. 

    If you still have a drain to be removed maybe you could press the Dr a bit further and just tell them it is causing you a lot of anxiety. You could maybe ask his/her opinion of what they think the lump is? Remember It may be something completely normal. Did you have a FNA biopsy before surgery/ a scan? Would that have picked it up? 

    Do you have a date for your RAI/scan yet? My RAI was 4 months after surgery and whole body scan was 5 months after that. 

    Hope you get some answers soon that put your mind to rest x

  • I'm not familiar with this type of lump but I pinged a message to a friend who knows more than I do. Her response was:

    "That's more than likely going to be a lymph node that's enlarged from everything. It will be sore because she's been pressing it and because it's so swollen, trying to do the job of all the ones that are removed. The other option is it's a lipoma - benign fatty lump. It's very very unlikely to be a bone met up there, presenting like that. And if she's had a neck dissection, it means she's probably got papillary which isn't usually known for bone Mets, just lymph spread."

    I hope that may be reassuring.

    Best wishes


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  • Hi Thankyou for your replies I guess I just have to be patient. That is very reassuring Barbara I appreciate that. I hope it’s just a lymph node or something benign rather that mets. It’s just weird where it is that’s why it may cause pain sometimes with it being in the gap between my shoulder and collarbone and it’s fixed against the collarbone maybe because it’s stuck in the gap. It can be squished in places but other areas of it are hard. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be bone mets in the long run I’m only 23:(