Scan after RAI

I'm in hospital at the moment for my RAI and have my scan on Friday.  Just saw my consultant and she said we will have an appointment in a few weeks to discuss the scan and that I should bring someone with me for support.  But what is she going to say then? They've been telling me I won't know really until 9-12 months if it's all been successful. 

  • I think it’s just a follow up and they discuss the uptake of RAI shown on the scan. Nothing to worry about, they always tell you to take someone with you, it’s always good to have another set of ears there if you don’t take in all of the information they give you x

  • It's easy to think that if they ask you to bring somebody it must be bad news, but in this case, the doc can't possibly know anything at this stage of proceedings. I also recall that my oncologist said they really can't tell much from the post RAI scan at all and he often doesn't even look at them.
    We tend to think all scans are highly precise and detailed.  The post RAI gamma scan is like looking for a white cat in a snow storm - you can't see much at all. 

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