Thyroid cancer, the whole journey.

I would very much like to talk to others about their journey through Cancer.

I have had 2 ops now and I am waiting g to have the iodine treatment.  The results showed that they have taken out all the cancer but why do I not feel optimistic.  I would love to talk to others about their recovery. 

  • Hi Vivienne

    I had my thyroid and 30 lymph nodes removed in April after being diagnosed with papillary cancer. I then didn’t under go RAI until August. The thought of RAI is worse than the treatment, I was in hospital for 2 nights and the time past quite quickly. I slept quite a lot as emotionally I was exhausted, I did jigsaws, read and watched tv. I didn’t have any side effects. I had a scan before and after treatment and have to trust the consultant that everything is as it should be. 

    I have been told I won’t get any more scans and it will be monitored through my bloods. I am not sure how I feel about this, but it’s a matter of trust between me and my consultant. 

    Lone of the most difficult things for me is my scar, for 6 months I covered it with  scarf. I m now coming to terms with it.

    I have found the process so far quite lonely,  because treatment isn’t standard cancer treatment I find people don’t understand. 

    I have an appointment with my surgeon this week and already start to feel anxious. I have started to write down a list of questions. 

    Best of Luck


    Had a few problems with my thyroxine levels in January and February in 2020. I felt exhausted and resting heart rate was down to 44. Contacted my consultant, arranged bloods and my T4 was too low. Medication was changed and felt good since then.
  • Hi 

    This year I have had two ops to remove thyroid and lump, then in June I had RAI.  I really don't talk to people about the my experience as I feel no one understands what effect being told you have cancer has on you  (unless you have been through it of course).  All I really wanted at the time of ops and RAI was a bit of sympathy (not that I wanted people to feel sorry for me)  I just needed people to be nice!  My husband wanted to keep everything as normal as possible and I feel that he didn't want to speak about it as it would be acknowledging the fact that this was happening.  When I was in hospital for RAI treatment he was completely stressed trying to look after children, work and cook which made me feel guilty at being away from home.  I suppose I have carried on as normal as I can from the outside, but inside what I have been through this year is constantly on my mind.

    You body and mind are going through a lot at this time.  I did feel a bit more optimistic after the RAI treatment, knowing that all the ops/treatment that had been planned were behind me.  So it might be that when you have the RAI out of the way you will feel a bit more optimistic.


  • Thank you for replying.  

    I can certainly relate to so much of what you have said.

    The people that I would have been certain to be by my side have just disappeared, or just sent a text saying, hope you are ok?  Of course I'm not ok !!  I feel an emotional train wreck.

    I am back home now and the results were good and just waiting for iodine treatment to start but as far as everyone is concerned its business as usual.  Your cancer free now so what are you going on about!!  

    It's only 3 weeks since the second op , the scar is knitting together beautifully on the outside and there is not much to see which is great but inside is another matter.  I cannot tolerate anything rubbing against it so clothing has to be non restrictive, i have got some Manuka honey cream which I have started to rub in daily and this is quite soothing.  

    I have still got an issue with my hearing and I have been referred to Specsavers for a hearing test which I feel really irritated with as I feel I should be seen at the hospital, imwill go,with it for now and see what they say before I jump up and down.

    Thanks to you all for being here, it does help to know I'm not on my own       x x