Loss of hearing after thyroid surgery

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in August of this year, I am 2 ops in and awaiting second results today and when I start iodine treatment.  My question is that after the second operation 2 weeks ago I awoke to find I had lost 50% of my hearing with loud ringing in my ears as well.  The surgeon has repeatedly said it has nothing to do with my thyroid cancer and I wanted to know if anyone else has had something similar?  

I have had a really rough time and this has left me feeling an emotional wreck.

  • Hey there,

    I'm afraid that in all my years here and on other cancer forums, I've not come across anything that has talked about hearing loss being related to thyroid cancer.

    Have you been to the Specsavers Hearing Clinic? Did they find anything?

    My only thought was that it might be some wax that's shifted while your head was being manipulated. So a quick flush of your ears and everything might be sorted. However they'd be able to see that it they looked in. I presume your GP referred you to the Specsavers Clinic?



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