Coughing associated with yawning

Hi, I had a TT October 2016 for PTC (PT3) and parathyroids removed as well, and underwent RAI treatment in January. I've recently developed a cough associated with yawning! It's rather strange as I start to cough just as the yawn is finishing. It's a dry cough and doesn't last that long, but is really annoying! 

Has anyone experienced this? 

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    I have to admit I haven't experienced this but I can imagine how it happens. Perhaps the flow of air through your throat is starting a tickle that makes you cough. It sounds very annoying.

    When are you next due to see your surgeon or oncologist? It doesn't sound like something you'd need to ask for an urgent examination but if it's not too long until you're due to see somebody, be sure to bring it up. 

    Are you more tired than normal and yawning a lot?

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  • Hi there

    Thanks so much for your response and comments - that's much appreciated. I'm seeing the surgeon in about 5 weeks time, but will drop him an email to get his input and also mention that it's a definitely not urgent, and just more of an annoyance than anything else.

    The tiredness is about the same as it always is, so I'm not sure what could have starts the issue. Perhaps a combination of things.

    Geri also kindly did a search of te medical databases and couldn't find anything documented. 

    Once I hear back for the surgeon I'll post an update in case anyone else experiences something similar.

    Thanks again for your reply.