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Feeling tired, foggy head

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So I had my left testical removed in March this year. My testical had shrunk over several years, but cancer was confirmed after it was removed. I was often feeling tired and getting memory lapses that would come and go every few weeks. Since the op I still have days where I feel jet lagged. My testosterone levels are between 10-13 so right at the bottom of acceptable levels. My GP has been amazing but he keeps saying we should monitor the levels as it takes a while for the other testicle to take up the slack. Has anyone else had similar?

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I had my levels checked 6 weeks after op and they were at 382 (lab normal range 300-890) so normal but on the low side.  I also read the carbo will lower it too and it might take a while to return after treatment. As long as it stays in the normal ranges you should be fine. Exercise helps stimulate production. I have also had fogginess but I've been really stressed for the past couple of months.

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After my op my level was 8 and ot took almost 5 years to get it up to 16 so yes it does take a while.