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Testicular pains and scans

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Hi there I’m wondering if someone can help me. 

I have been experiencing pain in my pelvic area and testicles. I went in to a&e with the pain over the course of a week and had an x ray and ct scan done in the majors department. Both of those results came back okay with no signs as to why I am getting the pains. I got the results from both scans on the day of attending by doctors. I also had an ultra scan done on my testicles prostate and kidneys done privately because I could bare the wait. That also came back all good by the doctor who did the scan. I am still experiencing pain and of course I am quite concern. I just wanted to know with the ct scan I had done does anyone know if it would show up any problems with my prostate if that was the cause? In fact any problems with any of my organs within my abdomen and pelvic area all together? 

Would be much appreciated

Thank you