The beginning of the journey...

Hi all, I am 52 so a bit old for testicular  cancer.  But have  had a heavy hard feeling in right testicle for a little while. GP sent me for ultrasound, which I had on the 23rd October.  I thought something was up when the technician took so long and told me to contact GP for  results if I had not heard in a couple of days. Anyway waited for GP to contact me.  GP appointment was on the 29th October..  Urology appointment  came in the morning before appointment with GP.  GP reassuring but there is "mass".  Urology next Thursday (7th November).  I assume next step is tests and operation?

My wife is off work with her own health problems, and I am thinking to far ahead.  Irrationally I'm thinking that because I am older, I may have had it for a while and not noticed! I did have a undescended testicle and this was not rectified till I was 12.  So I'm worried about that as well.  I'm a health professional (mental health not physical) and I would tell my clients to remain calm  and take everything one step at a time.  Knowing good advice and following it are not the same thing.  Anyway how did people cope with the waiting?

  • Hi Ian,

    The waiting is hard, and for most (95%) The waiting is the hardest bit, which considering it’s cancer is brilliant news!

    how did I deal with waiting - by drinking more and trying to keep busy.  

    Age does not effect likelihood of getting TC, it’s that young men don’t get other cancers, so your age doesn’t mean you’ve had it longer.  I was 44 when diagnosed.

    Undescended testicles are more likely to become cancerous - is that the one that has a mass?

    The waiting is hard, but the odds of being another success story are very very high.

    take care


  • Thanks Dan.  Yes the mass is in the testical  that was undesended.  Hopefully  on Thursday, I will know what is going on.  Its not to long to wait.  

  • Frustration!  Went for operation today was last on afternoon list.  Operation cancelled after 4.  Don't know how long I will now wait.  Not sure if I should go back to work!!!

  • Hi Ian,

    if it helps I had TC at 53 [3 1/2 years ago), it was a classical Seminoma, no further treatment required other than 10 years surveillance which I am more than happy to do.

    I also had an undescended however for me it was the other one that ended up with TC.

    Wishing you all the best for your treatment.