Operation Tomorrow

Hi everyone me again,

Sorry for another post however I just feel so overwhelmed with everything. I told my parents this morning and although they were upset (expected) they were so supportive and definitely lifted a weight off my shoulder telling them.

i had my ct scan on Friday but was worried as I don’t know anything from this and left me again in the unknown. Do I have to wait for my post op meeting with the urologists in a few weeks time to hear if it’s spread?

i have my operation tomorrow and feel relatively positive about the surgery itself, just super stressed about waiting for the next steps after. 

I spoke to my Uni and they were very supportive. I’m still confused about what to do with uni. They said I will be covered with mitigating circumstances but I don’t know entirely how they will help me with that. I will be waiting for my results while trying to study then if I am told I will need further treatment, I will have to take the rest of the year out. Would it be better to expect the worst and take the year out from now and go back next year more focused or try to continue as best I can and reevaluate after my meeting?

Thanks again for all the support everyone has sent.


  • Hello 

    First thing first all the best with operation, should be in and out in few hours painful but few days rest then and week gentle walks should see you right. Make sure to keep wound clean and get watching few box sets but nothing to funny trust me laughter ain’t good with stitches. Watch for constipation and at first sign take something to help things moving as you really do not want to push if you get me. Waiting can be the hardest bit but they need time to have a good look at the biopsy to figure out what type you had this takes about two weeks. After tomorrow you might be done and onto regular check up for years or you might need a bit more treatment but at this stage I would be waiting until you know for sure. Uni will understand and guide you it will not be first time they encounter ill health and have ways of helping. So for now try and get some rest let me know how it goes and know you have friends here to answer anything you need 

    Kind regards