Leydig tumour

Just had post Orchiectomy follow up to be told sorry but we cannot tell you if you have cancer or not. Pathology indicated a Leydig tumour which my urologist has had to seek an opinion from the Scottish testicular cancer expert about. He couldn’t tell me if benign or not but stated in 90% of cases this will be likely result. I will likely need another CT scan - recent one showed no abnormalities (must be another good sign) but there isn’t any other test that can help with surveillance. Anyone on here any info or experience about Leydig tumours?  I should feel relieved by today’s outcome but somehow still feel a niggling doubt. Thanks

  • Hi

    I have just had a tumour removed from testicle and was told it was leydigcell cancer. I had ct scans and more tests etc after. I was told 2 weeks ago it hadnt spread. Dont getvme wrong this was good news but i have to go on appointment to appointment. I am going to been seen and testwd every 8 week. If u add me on fb leon bud vickers i can tell u anytjing u may need to know if i know. Leydigcell is so rare.

  • Thanks Boobud, I will look you up on fb.  Agree seems scarce info. I’m in U.K. and am trying MacMillan to see if they have any info. 

  • After referral to Glasgow - pathology / oncology specialist, I am now told I have been referred to a specialist in London. As always with these things the waiting is the killer. Might hear something next week apparently.