Diagnosed without a lump or swelling?

Hello to everyone. I’m not sure what to make of this but has anyone ever had a diagnosis without any swelling or a lump? 

  • Hi Tony,

    People can have TC and it not start with a tumour in the testicle.  It is rare but does happen.  And I didn’t have any swelling that alerted me to anything untoward, however with hindsight I did have a slight pull in my groin that was clearly linked to TC.

    The vast majority of TCs are caught because of a lump, or swelling.

    What makes you ask Tony?

    take care


  • Hi tony

    just re read your other thread - you have dull ache but no lump or swelling.  

    No lump has to be a good sign.  My testicle was not painful, until it was, and the lump at that point was very very obvious.  The testicle then became sensitive to the touch and painful constantly.

    If you are having a second reoccurrence, and there is no lump, then you have likely caught it very early, and likely will be stage 1a.  This is worst case, and very unlikely.  

    You have 1 more day to wait as I believe your ultrasound is tomorrow. 

    Take care 


  • Hi mate it’s hard to describe but I just have a feeling that something isn’t right. It’s kind of like that sick feeling you get when you get hit in the balls but not intense. Just dull. Shoots up into my groin. I’m hopeful that it’s nothing due to the fact that i have no swelling or lumps. Last time it was huge. 9cm wide. I am going to see my follow up team tomorrow. Haven’t got a scan booked but I’m hoping they will just send me for one tomorrow.

    Hope your well.

  • How big was the lymph node initially at diagnosis? I just had my first CT scan and it found a 9mm node in external iliac chain next to scaring from I/O. Im meeting with oncologist next week to talk about it.

  • I haven’t had a diagnosis this time around. I wanted to know if anyone had cancer without a lump or swelling. I’m waiting for a scan but I can’t feel any lumps or have swelling