Testicular cancer

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Testucular Cancer

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Good Morning 

I've just recently had my Testicle removed and it was Cancer i have now been referred to a Clinical oncologist ( Dr.Henry Taylor)  so I'm guessing there is more treatment involved i.e Chemotherapy or Radiology but until the meeting with him Im still not sure and worried what will happen. 

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So sorry to to have to welcome you on here but you have come to the right place for support and questions. This forum really helped me, especially in the early stages of my husband’s diagnosis.

Firstly I am sure you have been told this already but just in case, do know that testicular cancer is one of the most treatable and curable cancers. Dan (aka Odbball) is our resident research/ stats guy () and can give you more stats on survival rates.

In terms of what will happen with your oncologist, treatment is not necessarily a given and it may just be that you are given surveillance which means you will have regular appointments and they will keep a tight eye on you. The waiting is the worst part but try your best to live in today only. Someone on here once said, “ You can’t control the physical but you can control the mental”. It really is a mental battle; to live in the present.

A wonderful Dutch lady called Corrie Ten Boom who helped save the lives of many Jews by hiding them in her home said this,

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength”.

I would encourage you to be open with loved ones so they can support you and so that you stay mentally strong throughout this.

Stay strong! Here for any qs/ support.

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Good morning Tim,

As Spirited says, sorry you find yourself here but welcome.

Your Cancer journey has just started, and most of it will be waiting, waiting for appointments, waiting for results, waiting, waiting, waiting.  The waiting is hard, and requires some mental strength to deal with.  But the positive is that for most patients the waiting is the hardest bit, as after all the waiting they find out that the operation was enough, and 95% of us are here 5 years later. 

You may already be aware of the stats, but for reassurance here they are again.....if you end up being a stage 1 diagnosis (cancer confined to the removed testicle) then your chances of being alive in 5 years time improve, and become 101%.  More chance of being alive in 5 years through having cancer, driven by the fact you will now be monitored closely by medical professionals.  If it has spread treatments are so successful that it is still the most curable cancer.

You will have a CT scan and this is to determine if it has spread, this will take about 4 weeks to get results.   If it has spread you will need further treatment, most likely 12 weeks of BEP chemo, which makes your hair fall out.

Use this forum, ask any questions, and remember 95% survive this.

take csre


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I had testicular cancer at the end of November and had to lose my right one, got one dose of chemo in January, but got no Radiology.
It was hard to come to terms with it and waiting game and getting test done and long journey to hospital and still not knowing WHAT was going to happen as in chemo, - Was going be weeks/months off it or would I get chemo via tablets and losing my hair (that had already started  many years before)
As someone who went through it I’d say don’t worry one bit as the doctors have ur back and testicular cancer survival rate is very high 95%

Now getting Chemo was easy and I’d rather that than the dentist, Of course I know this now but run up to that, I worked myself up and was that scared I took my friend with me (sat next to me) and effects were ok bit sick next day or days after felt sick sometimes but was ok. (They gave me some tablets to take for next few days they stop sickness (I found the tablets made me sick or reason why I was feeling sick).

I never lost my hair or did anything change or am I on any medication and I am back to normal and all good down there as in sex life
 Still go get checked up’s and blood test done it’s every so many months now but at start it’s every month, then every 2 and then 3 and every 6 month they want to see you – You feel you should be getting invite to Hospital xmas party as you’ve been there that much.

Feel free message me or whatever if there is anyway I can help – I know how it feels and that you end up lost.