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Cardiotoxicity from TC chemo

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Has anyone had their oncologist place them under the care of a cardiologist after completing TC chemo treatment? 

My husband was 1.5 yrs in remission from TC, healthy, non smoker, non drinker, lifetime athlete who exercised regularly but had a family history of enlarged heart that he told his doc about. However, his doc never sent him for an echocardiogram nor an EKG, and apparently the chemo drugs had effected his heart and he passed away suddenly from cardiac arrest. Please insist that your doctor runs these heart tests on you post-chemo!

I've heard so many stories about cardio toxicity of chemo drugs but oncologists are not always checking the heart the way they should be.

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Thank you so much for sharing this with us and when my husband sees his oncologist early September he will be raising this. 

I am so so sorry you have lost your husband. I am sure there are no words that can comfort you at this exceptionally tough time but know that your message will undoubtedly help others. I sincerely thank you for thinking about others despite what you have been through. 

Take care. 

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Hi shay rob,

I’m really so sorry for your loss, you’re pain must be immeasurable.  Thoughts are with you.

I have read that TC survivors statistically suffer heart disease at higher rates than the norm.  My oncologist mentioned before I had the more intense TIP chemo that a side effect may be an irregular heartbeat, and that I would know if I felt it. No more has been mentioned regarding it, now 8 mths post chemo, I will bring it up at my next surveillance meeting.  My father died at 54 from heart disease so It is on my mind.

Thinking of you, take care


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Thank you so much for your kind words. I miss my husband so very much. I was 9 months pregnant with our 3rd son when he passed. He was the best daddy ever and the most wonderful partner. 

Yes, please request your doc give you and echocardiogram or ekg test& stress test especially because you have heart disease in your immediate family history. My husband also had a dad with heart issues. I feel as if oncologists should be working hand in hand with cardiologists & their patients post-chemo, especially if there is a family history. My hubby had no signs or symptoms but those more advanced heart tests could've picked up on his enlarged heart. My hubby was 17 months post chemo treatment when he passed. He was able to get me pregnant just 6 months post treatment. He was so healthy, a lifelong athlete who didnt smoke or drink, ate mostly plant based diet and exercised everyday. He was a Physical Education teacher & basketball coach and played sports with his students every single day. 

Take care and I will be praying for you.