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loss of both testicles

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I lost both of my testicles this year one died and one had a tumor  I lost the first one in January and in march found a tumor in my left testicle and had to have it removed after a week of waiting the pathology results came back and there wasn't cancer but this has devistated me.

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sorry to hear about your news, hopefully you will get lots of support from family, friends and this group 

take care 

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Hi Chesleyt,

Yours is a very very rare case.  On this forum I have only read of, certainly one case, maybe 2 where a testicle has been removed due to a suspected tumour and it turn out not to be cancer.  The loss of 2 testicles must be very tough.

I think If I were in your position, I may almost feel agrieved that I didn’t have cancer.  I can’t comment from that perspective though, because I had/have cancer.  I have had to have 24 weeks of chemo in the last 18 months.  My chances of survival effectively the flip of a coin.  The impact this has had on me, the full outcome both mentally and physically is still playing out.  My wife has been amazing but had to give up work to take care of me and our 2 young boys.  Our lives on stop, living in a make the most of today strange bubble.  

I feel lucky to only have lost 1 testicle.  It may help your mental health to focus on the silver lining, because you must remember how you felt when the drs suspected you had cancer, it hit me for 6, you do not have cancer, and that is great news.

have you sought any support from Macmillan, they have a broad range of support that may be able to help.

take care


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From reading your profile it sounds like you have had a really tough time.
We are mostly based in the UK and I'm guessing you are in the USA? So not sure exactly what follow up treatments you have had. I'd assume you maybe had or have the option of having prosthetic testes to make things appear visually the same as before. And then Testosterone Replacement Therapy (injections or gels) to replace your lost testosterone.
Not sure what age you are but obviously losing the ability to produce sperm can be devastating particularly if you are younger, but there may be some options that you could discuss with a fertility clinic if and when the time comes.
As little comfort it seems at the minute you can at least know that you dodged the cancer bullet and the associated treatments, scans and worries.
Best wishes.