Testicular cancer

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Testicle cancer

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So nervous about tomorrow, got my CT scan now my radiotherapy is ending. It’s totally wiped me out  Also did anyone else opt out of having their testicle removed? People keep saying that I’m stupid because I refused to get my testicle removed. 

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Hi Leon, 

Sorry you find yourself here, welcome.

We have both been in the same position, and I chose to follow the medical advise and have the testicle removed.  It likely contained a cancerous tumour, which if not removed could continue to spread around the body.  It’s about risk and reward , and for me the risks far outweighed the reward of keeping the testicle, we do all have another after all.  The body has 2 of a lot of things, just in case 1 fails. 

What was your motivation for not having it removed?  

Take care