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Testicular cancer

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Lump in other testicle :(

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Hi All,

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer (Stage 1B seminoma) in September and had an orchidectomy to remove the testicle. Had an other op in March as I had complications from the surgery.

I’ve now found a lump in the other testicle. I can only feel it when I’m lying in bed at night, my GP couldn’t feel it, but he’s referred me for an urgent ultrasound. Saw him on Monday, so I’m hoping I’ll know by the end of next week.

I know chances are it’s nothing to worry about, but also know there is a possibility that’s it is. Not told family or many friends as I found out from the original diagnosis that dealing with others dealing with it was worse than dealing with it yourself.

Had anyone had a diagnosis in both testicles? Obviously my body wouldn’t produce any testosterone, how effective are the replacements? I exercise quite a bit (run 25 miles a week), I’m worried about the knock on effect to this, my mood, sex drive etc

Hopefully the worrying I’m doubt will have been unnecessary, but I also want to prepare myself for the worst.


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Hi Telford,

sorry you find the need to use this forum, again.

As you say it’s rare, unlikely to get TC in both testes, but not unheard of.  There are a good few threads on here that discuss use of testosterone replacement, where post treatment patients were able to achieve PB’s in their athletic pursuits.

You know the waiting game by now!  And come Monday you will have the full picture.  Fingers crossed it’ turns out to be nothing.

take care


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Thanks Dan,

It’ll be a week since the referral was made on Monday, I’m going to chase the GP and try and find out where it was sent.

I’ve started going through other posts so I can have a list of questions for the urology consultant (if I need to see him). I’m probably overthinking it all, but want to be prepared, Last time I sent questions to his secretary they were unanswered, and I only saw him again just before I went under.

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Called the hospital X-ray department and was told I’ve been offered an appointment in Shrewsbury next Thursday, so after the 14 day target. I asked if they had anything sooner or if they had a short notice waiting list and was pretty much told I should be grateful I got that appointment.  

So hopefully I’ll know in 10 days time.

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Scan day tomorrow, I should know more when I’ve had the ultrasound. 

The wait has been worse this time, when I was diagnosed last year I kept telling myself I had a spare, things may change tomorrow. :( 

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Hi mate 

Hope you're doing okay?

I'm from Telford and had my op at Shrewsbury like yourself. I'm now under the QE for surveillance (second year in).

If you ever need a chat, give me a shout as I'm all ears!