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Driving after BEP

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Hi all

Starting one cycle of BEP at the beginning of July. Will be doing it at as an outpatient and the hospital is around a 15-20 minute drive away from home.

Just wondering if anyone who has been through BEP can advise if it’s likely that I’d be well/fit enough to drive myself home after each chemotherapy session?


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My husband had 4 cycles of EP ( essentially the same without the bleomycin). He was an inpatient for cycle 1 just to see how his body dealt with it. He then was an outpatient for the last 3 cycles. He was able to drive himself in and out ( 5 mins away) for days 1 and 2 for cycles 2 and 3.

Everyone is obviously different but he found the first cycle very tolerable so hope the same follows for you.

Good luck!  

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Sounds promising, thanks!

Hope your husband is doing well. 

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Hey bud, 

im currently undergoing chemo BEP, just about to start my second cycle, are you doing 3 day or 5 day? 

I felt okay the first couple of days and could have driven without issue, days 4 and 5 I was feeling worse for wear, I could have drove but my patience is awful along with the headaches so not sure I would have been the safest person behind the wheel. 

Everyone does react differently and you may be absolutely fine, if you do react and have to drive I would say to take it slow and stop if you need to 

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i managed to drive home most days, but I only had to drive 15 minutes max.  Any longer and I don’t think I would have attempted it.

I think there may be some insurance questions that exist driving after intense chemo?! Hi 

take care


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Thanks, guys. , it’s the 3 day BEP.