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Testicular cancer

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Orchiectomy 05/06

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Had my orchiectomy yesterday and all seemed to go well:

12:15 Arrived at the hospital

12:30 Taken to a room, inventory of my bag, forms to completer, change in to gown, compression stockings put on

14:00 Taken to the lounge, few other people in, chatted and watched TV

15:45 It was my slot 16:00 Walked to the surgical ward and asked to wait in a room, consultant arrived shortly afterwards spoke about the procedure, anesthetist came in with nurse, asked a few more questions took blood pressure, heart rate.

16:00 Went to the anaesthetic room, pads placed on chest for heart rate monitoring and inserted cannula, oxygen mask on 5 deep breaths and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

17:15 Came around in the recovery room then drifted back of, came to again at 17:50

18:00 Got out of bed, went to the WC, nurse brought a sandwich and a cup of tea (hadn’t eaten since 7pm the previous day - that was my choice), surgeon called in to see how I was getting on, asked if I knew I had a hernia (I didn’t) he was unable to put gauze on as it may affect the chemo. Wish I had listened more at this stage, I think he said CT scan looked normal (although in my mind I’m questioning if he said abnormal) and that the chord attached to the testical looked fine. My bloods pre op were AFP 1.4 (normal) / Bhcg 6 (which is elevated)

19:00 Nurse called my partner.

20:00 In the car being driven home

Felt a little sore but to be fair had worse pain after the dentists, broken sleep through the night along with trips downstairs for my biscuits and jelly sweets, Mild soreness this morning when I move about but very mobile. (I have been taking the codeine)

Nurse in 5 days to get the dressing changed

2/3 weeks back to see the consultant

Fingers crossed and hoping for a positive outcome

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Sounds like it went without any problems and all positive. A good mix of rest and short walks will keep things healing nice. Keep wound clean and with pain relief can come constipation which trust me you do not need right now, wish I had taken something for it but found out hard way. Hope for a  positive outcome in next few weeks for you 



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I had my first testicle removed in 2007, the cut was so wide that I needed 3 days to stand up again and more than a week walk normal. My second one came out in 2015, in two days I was In good shape. The wanders of medicine. Anyway 4 years after I lost my second one. Now I am ok, sometimes I even forget my medical problems. Good luck to you and good health 

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Best of luck in your recovery.x

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Had the CT scan confirmed as normal and received the result from the pathology today which has identified my testicular tumor as a pure seminoma which measured 4cm no invasive spread. Had bloods taken again today and wound redressed. Hopefully should get blood results back tomorrow late afternoon. I’m told my case will be transferred over to the Oncology team at Newcastle Freeman and for them to decide on what further treatment / surveillance I will need to have. Although I’d rather not be faced with cancer I am grateful on the outcomes I have had to date. It’s been a tough 4 weeks for my family and me but hopefully life will resume to normal over the coming months.

keep up the good fight 

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Hi this sounds like a good result. Pretty much identical to my husband. He was also transferred over to The Freeman and they are  amazing there .

Good luck .

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Hi Consett,

a great result.  Stage 1 pure seminoma, you now have a 101% chance of being alive in 5 years time (vs the normal non cancer population).  

Take care