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Testosterone gel

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From previous posts I know some members of the forum are using testosterone gels so just wanted to make people aware that there is now a new gel available.

About a year ago I discovered my testosterone was borderline low (in the 10-12 range) so since then have been using Testogel at 2 pumps per day. It has definitely helped me and I found it fine to use but it hasn't raised my levels a great deal. Rather than increase the dosage I have been changed to a new gel called Testavan.

I have only just got some this week (several pharmacies say they can't get it yet) but the main difference is that you don't have to get the gel on your hands which is less messy and less chance of inadvertently passing gel on to others. Basically you pump the gel onto the special lid and rub the lid on your arm/shoulder. It is supposed to absorb better than other gels so the starting dose is 1 pump instead of 2 which in theory should mean the pump bottle lasts twice as long and wont have such an effect on my skin (I seem more prone to spots since starting gels). 

I wont know for about a month until I get a blood test but am hopeful I will absorb Testavan better than Testogel but I find not having to get the gel on your hands is a real plus.

There does not seem to be very much info online about it as yet but you can find some info including instructions if you search.