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First of all i just want to thank all contributors to this site, i've been somewhat lurking in the shadows since January, reading posts and getting ancillary comfort from the honesty and stories of others and the advice they have received from existing community members but i have finally decided to join the forum, as i wanted to get this off my chest but also hope that with my experience i may be able to help others. 

Last year i became ill with a virus in July, this was no ordinary virus, i was completely bed ridden for 3 months and unable to do anything, i did not make a normal recovery and still struggled daily, eventually the term 'Post viral fatigue' and 'Chronic fatigue syndrome' starting getting bandied around, now these two conditions have a myriad of symptoms, one of which is physical aches and pains (my experience of this illness is basically its like having the worst day of the worst flu and the worst hangover you've ever had, all day, every day, for months on end) however, i had been getting a consistent ache down the sides of my body leading into my testicles....I had visited the GP several times only to have it always attributed to 'oh its probably glandular from everything else you've been going through'. Now looking back i did have other symptoms that i didnt really know were symptoms. My left testicle had became alot smaller than my right, a term i later learned was 'atrophic'. However, as my left testicle was undescended at birth and i had an operation at 10 to bring it down, it was always slightly different, it had an epididymal cyst on it for a start, i've had that for as long as i can remember. So having a lump on my testicle was nothing new to me. However even when it had become smaller this was the only existing symptom i was able to spot as i've had the epididymal cyst checked over the years and its always remained the same. 

Anyway, flash forward to the ultrasound that i made the GP send me for so i could at least have some peace of mind, seeing as i'd already been a full time patient basically making my health my entire life since i had been debilitated with this 'CFS' since July. I was fully expecting the radiographer to tell me all was fine and i would have just gotten out of the house that day for some fresh air. However, he noticed some calcification and an 8mm hypoechoic lesion and advised me to see my GP immediately. Straight away i assumed that whatever was going on was causing all of my other symptoms, whatever was going on in my body and why i had felt so terrible for so long must be due to this suspected cancer! Anyway, i saw my gp, then a urologist, he advised surgery(by that point i'd already been up all night reading about TC) so when he was going through the tender subject of losing a testicle i think he was taken aback by how keen i was for it....just get it out of me was all i could think!

I had the surgery at the Luton and Dunstable hospital on February 1st, i was last in and last out so unfortunately the post op care wasnt too great, no one told me about the benefits of wearing Y fronts or supported briefs, so i went straight back into wearing baggy old boxers for comfort and little did i know after about a week and a half my old testicle had grown back!!!! and doubled in size!!  oh wait, it's just a lovely haematoma.....i'd declined a prosthetic anyway but there was a few times where i thought maybe they had placed a slow grower inside me, not that those exist, anyways i digress. Thats now gone and i am left with the usual grape that people go on about.

Histology results confirmed PT1 Seminoma with no LVI or RTI, a clear CT scan and Clear bloods since day 1 unfortunately didnt give me an answer as to why i had felt so rubbish, so that was definitely due to a different illness, but none the less i was relieved to have such results, i was offered a shot of carboplatin but my oncologist at Mt Vernon said surveillance would be the preferred route as i was in a low risk category for relapse. I have my first 3 month app on july 10th and whilst it is all still becoming a bit more normal with everyday that passes i do check this forum regularly as it does provide me with a lot of insight and as mentioned before, comfort, knowing that we are all going/have gone through this. I do still get aches and pains from time to time in the scrotum or on the incision area but they are usually short lived so it's all about just continuing the recovery and seeing where it all takes me. 

Apologies for the essay but as i hope to contribute in future just thought i'd give a fairly comprehensive backview into what i have felt at least, has not been the most typical of journeys (despite the positive outcome).

thanks all!


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Wow, your GP was slow to act.  My husband was sent for a scan within a couple of days of seeing his GP. He had his op two weeks later.  We're just in the third week of his recovery. They really don't prepare you for the incredible bruising. His testicle also has swelled with a haematoma. We called the hospital to double check if that they had mistakenly used a prosthetic!  I think much more symptoms of side affects should be given.  We're still waiting to hear whether he needs chemo, which I think is the worst part.

Hope your July appointment brings good news. x

Mrs Helly

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I had originally resented my GP for what I perceived to be a lack of urgency but the more I thought about it the more clear it became that they didn't really have a lot to go on, I was told that the non cancer related scan list was 4 weeks wait. My only symptom was an atrophic testicle, the actual lesion was concealed within so no lump was ever present. However once I had received the scan results the NHS really came into their own and it was al over in a flash to be honest. 

Sorry to hear that you and your husband are going through this, the haematoma can be unnerving at times because of its size or the discomfort it causes, it's worth mentioning at the next follow up so that they can measure it and arrange an ultrasound to check that it's definitely shrinking etc. As far as bruising goes it looks very dramatic, almost hard to believe for what you consider to be a simple operation but a wiseman once said on these forums "You may not remember the operation but your body does".

Good luck to you both for the next appointment x